Grant Application – Engelstad Foundation

Procedures for Application Submittal

The grant application cannot be altered; it must be submitted in the format provided. If the applicant wishes to include additional information with the application, they may do so in their email including the required financial information.

Each organization applying to the Engelstad Foundation must answer the following questions:

  • • How long in existence?
  • • What area is covered?
  • • How many people on the board? (Please provide a list of directors and note that the Engelstad Foundation has the option of contacting anyone on the Board of Directors list.)
  • • Leadership?
  • • Mission statement?
  • • How many paid employees?
  • • How many volunteers?
  • • How many people are served annually?
  • • Breakdown of cost of operations?
  • • What is the recidivism rate?
  • • Are there any other non-profit agencies that the organization is partnered with?
  • • What is the end goal for the grant request?
  • • Organizational budget? (For the current year.)

Excluding financial information, grant submittals cannot exceed ten (10) pages including the grant application and responses to the Engelstad Foundation's questions.

Use the Engelstad Foundation's grant application button to download the application. Once the application is completed, the application along with the required financial information is to be emailed to us at:

Grant Applications will be reviewed Quarterly: March, June, September, December

Required Financial information:  501(c)(3) IRS Determination Letter; current year budget; the two most recent IRS Form 990's; the two most recent years of financials if the requested amount is less than $200,000.00; or the two most recent years of reviewed financials if the requested amount is $200,000.00 to $500,000.00; or the two most recent years of audited financials if the requested amount is $500,000.00 or greater.

Background Information

The organization's 501(c)(3) IRS Determination Letter is to be prepared for the Trustees and emailed.

Engelstad Family Foundation Grant Application Form

Grant Application (pdf)